I believe that marriage is a covenant that should be captured with true intention and love.
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Brielle Rebecca Photography

A space where stories get told in their true form. A mix of documentary & editorial. Images for the wild and in love. Each and every moment is captured with pure joy, and I hope to cultivate a space where every couple feels




I'm so excited you're here





BRP is a Jesus centered business. All the Glory and Honor to him, truly. Each and every wedding captured and witnessed is a true testimony of the Lord's willingness and loving. It is a true joy for BRP to not only capture weddings, but also families and so many life events.


I do a mixture of posed & documentary style. Okay.. what?! This means, I'll be hiding around the corner, capturing Grandma giving you a hug or your husband giving your little girl a cutie little hug... but also, I am going to direct you and pose you so you feel comfortable and confident in every photo!


The Brielle Rebecca Photograph style is clean, effortless, and contrasted. Around here, we love color, as well as deep contrast. We also ADORE black and white photos, as it shows the true emotion of the moment. If you want true to life and timeless, here's you're spot.


This is a space for FUN! I want you to have a super fun experience. You should leave your session or wedding thinking of me as your new friend. I want to see you laugh and have TRUE joy. This is not a space to feel awkward or weird. I'm here to make you feel like YOU

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Mitchell & Emily

She was able to capture especially precious moments: my dad seeing me, the first look, random laughter, and our silliness. I honestly cannot believe it is us in some of the photos— they are THAT amazing! She also got our pictures back to us in record time… I don’t know how she does it! I am grateful that we chose to hire Brielle for our wedding; her photos will most definitely last us a lifetime.

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