it's me||

I'm Brielle. I've been a wedding photographer for almost 4 years. I love love love creating images that last a life time. Okay, but Im sure you're tired of hearing that from every single photographer ever but HEY it's so true. If I'm not taking photos, I'm probably studying as I'm majoring in nursing at the moment.. so actually it's quite the opposite: If I'm not doing photog things, I'm studying (lol, not a joke) Seriously, Jesus and caffeine may just be the only reason I'm surviving right now.

let's get to know Brielle

what is your coffee order?

okay fun fact... I don't have one. Honestly I usually use order whatever is seasonal! The only thing I ALWAYS get is a Dunkin iced coffee with butter pecan flavoring. SO.GOOD.

where is the best place you've traveled?!

AHHHHHHHH MONTANTA! So, I am local to Lancaster PA but I had the opportunity to live in Montana for a minute, and it was absolutely incredible. I don't even have words to describe.

What are you like on wedding days?

My friends tend to say I am type A... but relaxed and chill (???). I like staying on schedule, but I build in time to make sure we can chilllllll on a wedding day. I will be your BIGGEST hype woman, and helper. Please ask for the photo a bride took of me helping when her dress broke HAHA I went full action mode!! I'm here to serve you and make sure your pictures are AMAZING

so... do you socialize?!

UHHH yes! I love my friends so dearly. If I'm not studying, editing, or taking photos, I'm hanging with my fiancé Luke or doing something with my wonderful friends. I love being outside, binging the latest Netflix series, and just talking. I love this little life, I am sosoosso thankful for it all.

What is your favorite wedding day tradition?

I LOVE CAKE CUTTING. Why? no clue. It's just so cute and fun. There's really no reason to love it.. but I do. In reality, every wedding day is so special and fun.

As a photog though my favorite BRP tradition is getting a Diet Coke from the bar. Every. Wedding.

how many wedding have you shot?

In total, BRP has had
- 31 weddings
- 37 engagement sessions
- 20 couples sessions
- 26 family sessions
- 17 senior sessions
my numbers may be small, but the work is NOT. I try to be super intentional with how many weddings and sessions I take in order to serve everyone SUPER well and respectfully.

documentary & Posed Photographer

who am I as a photographer?

One thing you need to know is that your photographer's personality is KEY. If it's your wedding day, I'm going to be with you the entire time. If it's your senior photos, I'm going to be the one trying to get you to laugh. If I'm taking family photos, I need to get your crazy 3 year old to smile. And me.. I do my dang best to be fun, caring, and intentional as a photographer. I truly care for each and every one of my clients. Cuz hey... I KNOW THE FEELING of getting photos done!

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|| that's all ||

Cheers to getting to know me! There's really not much, I'm just a human being who loves Jesus and living life to it's fullest.

Thank you for reading this far